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Project Overview

Intrepid, a group travel agency, will be creating a new theme page to offer more flexible travels for older demographics. The company seeks to upgrade its’ digital experience for this new offering. My team and I worked together to create a website that provides more options to accommodate travelers over the age of 50+.


Design Process

  • Problem Statement:
    Intrepid customers age over 50+ have difficult time finding a trip that meet their needs

  • Solution Statement:
    Design a new theme page for age over 50+ customers that provide easy search and customizable options available

  • Business Goal:
    1. Improve browsing and search tool
    2. Create a new theme of group travel option for age over 50+

  • User Goal:
    1. Find comfortable group travel
    2. Have more options choose and customize the trip

  • Roles:
    Project Manager, UX Researcher, Wireframes


Play the video to see how new Intrepid website looks when customizing travel before booking!



Research Method

Competitive Analysis, User Journey Map, Initial User Testing, User Heuristic Evaluation, User Survey, Finding and Recommendation Matrix, Information Architecture (User Flow & Sitemap), User Interviews, Personas, Sketches, Design Studio, Usability Testing



Competitive Analysis

Identified competitors to understand services they provide for their customers including online booking and trip customizations.

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User Journey Map

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User Survey



Findings and Recommendation Matrix


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User Persona


Design Studio


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