Eunice Bae
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Copy of Wow Bao

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Wow Bao is a Chicago-based fast-casual Asian cuisine specializing steamed bao (a popular portable snack served throughout Asia), or steamed buns, with a variety of savory and sweet fillings. They also offer potstickers, rice & noodle bowls. Wow Bao’s dining concept has revolutionized the way diners interact with restaurants by incorporating innovative technology, including self-ordering kiosks and animated personalized cubbies in several locations in Chicagoland. Wow Bao is an independent operated chain, affiliated with multi-concept group Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE).

Project Overview

Wow Bao offers innovative ordering system such as self-ordering kiosks and mobile app. However, Wow Bao’s website does not support online ordering system. To achieve channel neutrality, my team and I worked together to create online ordering system. Then, we applied this new design concept to existing online catering system for consistency on their website. To promote online services offered on their website, we redesigned their website homepage as well.

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Design Process

  • Problem Statement:

    • There is no ordering functionality on Wow Bao website

    • There is no consistent user experience across all Wow Bao’s channels

  • Solution Statement:

    • Create online ordering system

    • Redesign catering system

    • Redesign homepage

  • Goal:

    • Create a consistent user experience across all platforms (kiosk, mobile app, website) to achieve channel neutrality

High Fidelity Prototype

Research and Discovery

1. Competitive Analysis

  • We identified other competing fast-casual cuisines and used number system to organize what we have discovered from competitors. (1-Not Ideal to 5-Great)

  • Wow Bao has some room for growth in visual layout, order customization and calls to action button.

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2. Survey & Affinity Mapping

  • To understand people who order food, we sent out a survey and 27 people participated.

  • We discovered 3rd party apps are considered restaurant websites in people’s mind.

    • Grubhub and Doordash were most popular platforms.

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Third Party Platforms

Our team analyzed Grubhub and Doordash to view Wow Bao in each apps. Grubhub had many negative reviews and low ratings compared to Doordash. Doordash seems to provide the best experience for the users. So we referred to Doordash for UI and general pattern of flow.

3. User Interviews

We interviewed respondents who preferred using websites over mobile apps, and these users skew older. The main reasons are:

  • big visuals of food and descriptions

  • a large screen allows better views for complicated orders and accurately enter information when customizing

So visuals and accurate information were big factors of using website over mobile apps.


4. User Persona

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Technical Review

We used the menu content audit to see what our users expect from the online ordering experience and how we can improve Wow Bao’s current website.


Design Studio

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Our team first began sketching individually. Later, we combined our best ideas to work them into our overall user flow.

  1. We started with low fidelity sketching and wireframes to get an idea of features we wanted to include.

  2. Then, we did a mockup of a new landing page.

  3. Later, moved to mid-fidelity wireframes and conducted usability testing.